I just looked at the episode titles of the remainder of the season. Judging offhand this is how it’s going to go:

  • The Miller’s Daughter (Cora’s back story)
  • Welcome to Storybrooke (Flashbacks of the beginning of the curse)
  • Selfless, Brave and True (August’s flashback after what happened with Neal)
  • Lacey (Belle’s SB counterpart; mostly likely Belle flashbacks)
  • The Evil Queen (Regina centric)
  • Second Star to the Right (It’s got to be Hook centric or something to do with Neverland)
  • And Straight On Till Morning (Same as SSTTR)

So going off of that I don’t think we’ll be seeing Aurora until season 3… but then again who am I kidding? When was the last time we saw Cinderella, Sidney or Katherine/Abigail? They haven’t been in season 2 at all and I seriously doubt we’ll see them for the remainder of the season. So we could possibly go from this point on until season 4 without Aurora and her back story. And that’s if we’re lucky, because lets face it, unless you’re apart of the Charming clan or tied heavily with Rumpelstiltskin, your chance of appearing are slim to none.